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Tobi Deckert - kitesurf/snowkite/freerider

How could I introduce Tobi.. Maybe the best word would be madness!

Freerider in several sports, as kitesurfing, snowkiting, freeride skiing, paragliding, and more and more!

Our meeting at the Snowkitemasters in 2015 changed my year. A whole collection in partnership with his team mate Maxi Kühnhauser, with Skywalk, some awesome events, many new ideas and projects, and a mountains of kites and paragliders are on the way to get recycled.

Rider int the Flysurfer team, working at Skywalk and studying at the same time, he plays with Nature as soon as he's got a bit of free time!

Check his video here!

Here is a short interview , but first I would like to say THANKS Tobi for being as you are!

1° what about you? we know your name, but where do you live, how old are you, and what are you doing right now

Together with Maxi and 3 more sport addicts we found a little community in the mountains together which you can follow here: Feel free to visit us, in the summer there is our big tramp for training and in the winter we set up our funpark including skilift ;-) In my head I feel like 19 and that's never gonna change!! Basically Im in the R&D Team of Skywalk, but on the weekends I have to finish my studies in Innsbruck, when you don't find me somewhere in the mountains.

2° It was hard to find the best word to present you.. Freerider, or how you would like to explain your madness?

Well I don't even know by myself, I just love to be out there and do what is possible at this particular moment. In most of the cases it is a combination between all those toys! Sometimes just 2 minutes before leaving the car I make the final decision which toy is joining the adventure!

3° What's your dream..? and maybe your projects for the next season?

Unfortunately I have to cancel bigger video projects due to the lack of time but for the moment I'm very fine to have a relaxing time out there. Of course there's always a to do list of my progession! Getting pulled uphill with a kite and flying down with a speedrider dowing some barrel rolls would be one of the dreamed of goals to reach!

4° We met at the Snowkitemasters and then at ISPO in Münich (remembering me such a cool moment :-) What's the best memory of last year, and will you go to the SKM and the SuperKiteCamp in 2016?

Hahah oh yeah, the Ispo is always a blast ;-) I definitly will come to the SnowkiteMasters again!! I got many new friends there and I want to go snowkiting with them again in the beautiful french alps! Well, looking back to these adventures, same like Norway red bull ragnarok... those were my best moments for sure!!

5° Rubbish means something pretty dirty and disgusting. Anyway, it is present all the time everywhere, in our life. What's your daily activity to recycle it, and your idea about protecting your playground?

As a developer of products in the hightech textile industry I'm forced to throw away material which could be still used at somepoint. Therefore I'm very glad to have started this cooperation to come up with some reusable ideas!!

the collection " Flysurfer - Skywalk - Xgloo" is online :-)

more info on Tobi:

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