going over the madness limits - collection Flysurfer - Skywalk - X-Gloo with Tobi Deckert and Maxi Kühnhauser

I was a little bit afraid of this shooting..

Tobi Deckert and Maxi Kühnhauser on an EXTREME shooting about them, about recycling the old or no-more-used paragliders, tents, or kitesurf sails from Skywalk headquarters.
How to present this awesome collaboration without going over the madness limits?
By an amazing, fast, crazy video of them!
Turn up the volume and watch out!!
Special Thanks to Skywalk for recycling your gear by Rubbish, with Tobi and Maxi.
Special Thanks to Tobi and Maxi, it was really AWESOME :-)
Big UP to Inpress Studio for the amazing job, super intense 2 days in Germany to make the BEST video ever of Rubbish Upcycling!
check the collection online on www.rubbish-design.com



Rubbish Upcycling, or how can we reuse our old kite or paraglider, and bring a part of fun in our urban life?
Check our website rubbish-design.com
Bags - accessories - wallets - interior design - bean bag - cushions - ..
All made in recycled kites, paragliders or tents!

Design in Switzerland - made in Portugal

Rubbish Upcycling, ou comment utiliser des sacs et des accessoires en kite recyclé, ou parapente, tente recyclées, pour apporter une grosse dose d'adrénaline dans ta ennuyeuse vie urbaine ;-)
clique sur rubbish-design.com pour découvrir toute la collection de sacs, accessoires, porte-monnaie, décoration d'intérieur, poufs, coussins..
la page facebookfacebook.com/rubbish.design.upcycling/
Design en Suisse, créé au Portugal dans nos ateliers, provenance des ailes depuis tout autour du monde!

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