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Amazing Coolbrandz and Mondaine!! Arlette Belat for Rubbish Upcycling is the 4th nominee!

Posted on November 12 2017

What a blast! 
Rubbish Upcycling, is the 4th nominee!!! 
At the recent launch of its “essence” collection made from renewable materials ♻️🌱 Mondaine, the iconic Swiss watch brand, invited our community to join the dialogue about sustainability. For a chance to win 1 of 2 essence watches, you can submit your own story! Simply insert hashtag #mondaine_essence and tag @mondainewatch and Coolbrandz in your blog and Social Media posts related to the subject. We have also selected a couple of people who, with their projects, make a considerable contribution in the area. We will soon reveal who our nominees are! 


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