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48h in Germany ::: 48 Stunden in Deutschland

Posted on August 21 2016

Hey Tobi et MAxi! 
So.. Can't wait for the shooting!!

The idea has started a few months ago. Shooting at Headquarters Skywalk, from where arrive all kites, gliders and tents from Skywalk, Flysurfer et Xgloo via  Tobia Deckert and Maximillian Kühnhauser, recycled by Rubbish!
IT will not be a "normal" shooting.. Who knows Tobi and Maxi?
2 crazy guys, passionated by many different extreme sports.. They associate their passion to their job at Skywalk:
Tobi Deckert, designer  for the Xgloo tents, Maximillian Kühnhauser, designer for the tube kites, boards and bars at Flysurfer kiteboarding.
Awesome riders, in  freeride skiing, snowboarding, grass skiing, kitesurfing, snowkiting, speed riding, paragliding, slackline, etc.. and also trampoline in their garden and sheeps taming..
They share a huge and atypical house : Liftla Oim.
You will discover this exceptional place in our next video ;-)
The shooting plan has been announced:
  • Arlette Bélat

    Hey cool finally they will arrive at munich airport at 13.30. I will catch them and come directly to Skywalk. I'll have enough place in my car

    Looking forward!!

  • Tobi Deckert


  • Tobi Deckert

    here is the plan, like i promised a lot to do but lets see!!!

    i think we have to be time efficient to gather some nice shots!
    So, let's goooooo!
    Go to Münich airport, to collect our favorite shooting team!
    They came directly from Portugal: Inpress Studio!
    Let's go to Marquarstein, 1h far from Münich.
    48h non stop:
grass skiing, ultra intense and overlimit (!!!) paragliding session, cliff diving, backflips everywhere, trampoline, slackline, Stand up paddling,  freeboard was missing said Tobi :-D
And interviews, Skywalk headquarters visit, awesome welcome in Liftla Oim with home made pizzas, handle pass training in the garden, beers, good times, marshmallows on wood fire at Chiemsee, and more unforgettable moments all around.
The Inpress team had to follow the intense tempo, with extreme shooting with their drone and cameras. A few small accidents.. but nothing grave, except for Pedro's Iphone.. RIP
Huge Thanks to Tobi and Maxi for these amazing moments!!
special thanks too for Skywalk staff for the visit, to Liftla Oim's friends and guys at Chiemsee, who shared with us pretty cool moments. 
Language lessons, to mix English, German and Portuguese all together :-D
Thanks a lot to Inpress for your amazing job, looking forward to discovering the results!
Ride safe... and take care
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