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Research & Development - Kids Team

Posted on April 25 2016

 I would like to introduce you the R&D and Test Kids team:

Arlette (35 years, the boss) - W. 1(1year, mini boy and futur tester) - L. (9 years, chilling & reading smiling girl )  - A. (9 years, sporty and sensitive girl) - Z. (7 years, fashionista) - J. (7 years, the boy, futur kitesurfer)


Already the best Rubbish kids testers, I asked them to draw their perfect bag, and write what they would like to carry on it.

After one whole afternoon of drawing, meeting altogether, testing the actual kids bags, and playing,

please discover here the results:


J.: He wants to have another backpack, to put all the stuff he really need to have with him:

and the stuff:




A., she wants to have a cool small messenger, to carry on her best doudous. Bright colours, it must include an external pocket for her giraffe:




L. the student in charge.. She is precise, she knows exactly what she wants.

Colours, pockets, size,  the bag is well drawn with many precisions:


And finally, 

Z.: Fashionista, She's got the perfect style.

Colours and form of the bag are the most important things :


Thanks for the good moments, all your amazing ideas, for sharing your dreams and testing hard the kids collection - Nuts and Kiwi!

be part of the adventure!

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